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WITHOUT using labels who are you?

 I'm a Jesus loving, white wine drinking, Orange Theory Fitness junkie who thrives on authentic relationships, laughter, and the beach. 

Describe your kid. 

My 4 (almost 5) yo son is curious, loving, energetic, and all boy. He loves monster trucks, Transformers, dirt, mud, and anything outside! I promise you he would LIVE outside if I let him! He is sensitive, smart, and kind. I can't imagine living without him.

Describe your household

As Andrew told me just yesterday, "It's you and me mama!"

What do you adore about being a mother? 

I love seeing a piece of me walking around in human form. When you really sit and think about it how amazing is it to literally see a part of YOU walking around every day? It's fascinating isn't it? I also enjoy watching him grow into a little human with his own ideas, personality, thoughts, and questions. It's an honor to be his mama.

What do you despise about being a mother? 

The fear that comes with raising a black son in this world that we live in today. I hate that this very real fear even exists. But it does. If there were one thing that I could change about being a mother this would be it. I wouldn't want to constantly worry about when my precious little boy goes from being viewed as a little kid to being viewed as a threat. 

What's something you want to do differently than the generations of mothers before you?

I want to listen more. I want to genuinely understand the emotions (both good and bad) that my child goes through and feels and help him navigate them in the best way possible so that he grows up to be emotionally healthy and secure in himself. 

What do you think is the most common thread of motherhood? 

I think on some level we all struggle to put ourselves first so that we can best take care of those that depend on us. As mothers our children tend to take focus and priority. And while there is absolutely nothing wrong with that, I think we are oftentimes challenged in this area because we run on fumes half of the time without even realizing it. Needless to say this isn't sustainable, healthy, or helpful for those that depend on us or for ourselves. 

What energizes you? 

Time away from any and all responsibility. Relaxing vacations that include the beach or just quiet help me refocus and gain energy back that I need to thrive.

What is one tiny victory you’ve had recently? 

I had a great day in the grocery store with no meltdowns today. 

How did you feel about being pregnant? What do you remember most about pregnancy?  

I loved being pregnant. I loved every moment of knowing that I was growing a little human inside of my body. I remember being full of anticipation and excitement.

On a scale of 1-10, 10 being the most beastly, how would you rate yourself as a mom and why? Depends on the day. Some days I'm a 10 and others I fail miserably and crumble under the weight of it all. That said, I would give myself a 5. 


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