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Without labels, who are you?

I’m usually a nurturing, artistic, funny, spontaneous human who has traveled and hopes to travel more. I like reading but I pick up my phone too much. I love being outside and I like dancing more the older I get.

Please share your own business/passion projects:

Describe your kids. 

I have two daughters, Alice (5) and Lucie (2). Alice is sensitive, funny, kind, and loves nothing more than playing with friends and being chased. She loves to draw and I think she’s becoming an amazing little artist. She currently is obsessed with having a treehouse in our backyard…we have no trees. Lucie is the feisty one, she takes what she wants and pushes Alice around. At the same time she loves her sister and all of us, loves being held and snuggling. Her most used phrases right now are “I sorry” and “can you help me.” She is scared of any and all bugs.

Describe your household. 

Martin (my husband) is surviving all the female energy with the three of us girls. Only sharing space with a couple of fish in a fish tank.

Where are you from and where do you live?

I’m from Georgia and we live here now. I don’t love it but it’s where my family lives. There are pretty places that I sometimes overlook, but I overall don’t really vibe with all things Southern. I do very much like the general friendliness of people here though.

What do you adore about being a mother?

I like having little funny friends to have adventures with. I love when they get super excited about things. Watching their personalities develop is pretty wild.

What do you despise about being a mother?

The lack of free time for myself, and how things that are simple when I’m alone feel like more of a hassle when they are around. Keeping them entertained and content.

What’s something you want to do differently than the generations of mothers before you? 

Mental health will be a normal topic of conversation.

What is something you’re proud of so far in your motherhood journey?

Probably just the fact that my kids are sweet and get along with other people. Other adults actually like them.

What do you think is the biggest misconception about motherhood?

I don’t know…that things come naturally or easily once you’re a mom?

What energizes you?

Sleep, honestly.

When do you and how do you feel totally relaxed? 

When my house is clean and the kids are entertained. Or when I’m on vacation without

the kids, maybe hiking somewhere. 

What is something thats stopped you in your tracks in the past year?

Always something bad in the news.

Who or what kind of mother do you look up to and why?

The kind that are good and patient teachers to their kids, it’s something I

struggle with.

Describe a perfect day with your kids(s).

Everyone waking up in a good mood and spending the day outdoors, bonus if I get to take some nice photos of them.

Describe a perfect day without your kid(s).

Traveling, reading by a pool, hiking!

What is one tiny victory you’ve had recently?

The littlest one ate half of her dinner.

What do you dream of for yourself? For your children?

Stress-free financial independence and happiness.

How did you feel about being pregnant? What do you remember most about pregnancy?

First time was exciting, I fortunately had a pretty easy pregnancy. I loved

eating and gained a ton of weight though. I remember how stretched out I


What, if anything, do you want to remember about your birth story? Early motherhood?

I have it all documented, but I would like to remember that I had it pretty

easy compared to a lot of other women. Nursing will always be a favorite

memory for me.


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