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WITHOUT using labels, who are you?

 Tiffany, a 41-year old in Seattle

Describe your kid.

Cora, a free-spirited aquarius


Describe your household

Me,, my husband, our daughter, and a blue heeler named Goo

I’m from the GA low country, living in Seattle. Seattle in summer is perfect. Seattle in winter ("The Big Dark" they call it!) is my least favorite thing about it. 

When and how did you last surprise yourself? 

Last year I set a goal to be a Director of Finance at the age of 40 after a 3 year break from my career path during maternity leave. I did it!

What do you adore about being a mother?

When my kid says "I love you, mama" and I know she means it

What do you despise about being a mother?

Time is no longer my own

What's something you want to do differently than the generations of mothers before you? 

So many things! Teaching girls to not  have to endure male attention or gaze, or to make important life decisions for the love of a man rather than for themselves

What is something you’re proud of so far in your motherhood journey?

Any time my kid shows an act of kindness or generosity

What do you think is the biggest misconception about motherhood?

You know, before I became pregnant, I never really heard anyone talk about how hard it is, or that there will be times that you want to just walk away from it all. That is changing, and people are more open, but I gotta admit, I was completely unaware of how all-consuming it is.

What do you think is the most common thread of motherhood?

That knowing look, knowing we have all seen our baby's butthole one thousand times. 

Where and when do you feel most at home?

 On the dance floor at a goth club

What energizes you?

 Being in literally any social situation (true extrovert)

What last made you belly laugh? 

Probably a dumb joke my husband made

When do you and how do you feel totally relaxed? 

 My most recent memory of feeling totally relaxed was this past summer, reading in a hammock on a breezy day with just an hour to myself to read a book

What is something that makes you cringe?

 Those crocs with the charms, you know what I'm talking about

What is something you've recently ate/listened to/read/watched that really captivated you?

Any time I get to eat great food outside with good friends, but in particular fresh oysters and dungeness crab on a tidal flat in Bellingham, WA

 I haven't had time to read anything in the past few years, but this year a friend recommended the "My Brilliant Friend" books by Elena Ferrrante, and I completely devoured the series and even watched the show in Italian, I was hooked! 

Who or what kind of mother do you look up to and why?

the ones that make it look easy, or the ones with seemingly infinite patience

When was the happiest you’ve seen your kid(s) and what were they doing?

My kid is the happiest when she gets any sort of mail that is addressed to her and she gets to open it

Describe a perfect day with your kid.

She sleeps in, needs little direction from me for anything (eating, getting dressed, playing), we have a picnic at the park, and get ice cream because she is just so cute. 

Describe a perfect day without your kid.

Sleeping in, having time to get my nails/chores done, casual dinner with friends, and maybe staying out a little bit too late.

What do you dream of for yourself? For your children?

Continued health, happiness, travel, and enjoying the good stuff in life - and the same for my daughter - getting to live to an age to see her grown and living her own life. 

How did you feel about being pregnant? What do you remember most about pregnancy?

 I had a very easy pregnancy, and was even able to wear most of my clothes until the last trimester. I remember how scary it was during the first trimester, when everything is so uncertain until you reach 12 weeks, and it kind of felt like when you take care of the egg in senior class in high school (do they still do that in schools?)

What, if anything, do you want to remember about your birth story? Early motherhood?

I hope I never forget the total overwhelming feeling of love I felt those first few months with my daughter, and also with my husband, being totally in awe and disbelief that we had created an actual person and we got to take her home with us. 

Thoughts on…

Blended families? 

* Aren't we all part of a blended family?


* Having a kid has been the hardest thing that we've been through in our marriage, but it also has strengthened the bond my husband and I have and also shown me that he's a keeper that will stick through the hard stuff with me. I wouldn't be able to do this on my own, and I also never even considered a kid until I was in a relationship for almost 10 years. I know that that's lucky, and it would be amazing if every mother/woman/person was able to start their family on their own terms like that.


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